Take Advantage

Events - Garden Chats
Not sure what to put in that gap in your garden?   Want plants that bloom 3, 4, 5+ months and come back every year?   Not sure how to keep your plants as healthy you'd like?  Come out for a visit and come along on a 30 minute garden 'show and tell' class.   

Sat. June 11     11am-11:30am & 3pm-3:30pm 
Perennial combinations – color, texture, bloom times.   We'll look at a selection of the longest blooming perennials and how they can be combined in your garden for long-lasting color from spring until fall (and beyond!).   We'll walk in the garden and see how these combinations look with full size plants.  

Sat.  June 18    11am-11:30am  and 3pm-3:30pm 
Damage control + planting, maintenance – High level overview of common problems & solutions for plants impacted by overgrowth, weather, insects.   Including maintaining healthy plants in our PNW clay soil by best planting & maintenance tips for the best blooms.   We'll walk in the garden to see how this applies to different types of plants.


Sat. June 25    11am-11:30am  and 3pm-3:30pm 
Layering plants for year-round blooms – I took a Master Class in March at Great Dixter garden in England – was amazing.  I’ll share a few concepts with you and we'll walk in the garden to see how this will be implemented here.  

Residential Consulting

Now offering consulting services to help customers with new or established gardens choose plants, especially perennials.   Want to have interesting plants and lots of color year round ?     That's my focus - helping customers choose the right plants for their garden with a focus on long-blooming and multi-season plants.     I charge by the hour and a typical consultation would include you providing photos of your garden, discussing what you like, and I'll provide written recommendations.   Can be as little as two hours or as long as you like ! 

Interested ?    Email me at for more information.