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Love gorgeous flowers in your garden?   That’s my passion.   

I've had a passion for flowers for decades, but last year turned that passion into a business and started a nursery.  With Lux Perennials Nursery, my aim was to grow truly special plants that can make a dramatic statement in a garden by offering varieties that are very long blooming, have exciting color and form, or are rare cultivars.  

Years of research went into building a unique plant collection for my own garden, collecting perennials of all kinds, including perennials I've never seen in the US, but well suited for a northwest garden.    Lux Perennials is on 37 acres northwest of Portland, including a 1-acre English style garden with ponds, waterfalls, fountains, mountain views, and flowers, flowers, flowers.    Over 7000 blooming plants.   Resident chickens & ducks & koi fish.  Our plants are grown on-site from the "mother" plants in the garden.    


Come visit the nursery and gardens!   See bottom of home page for open nursery & garden times.   Sign up for our email list to get plant updates, gardening tips, and display garden event info.  

GH front yarrow penstemon rose geranium
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