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20 Perennials to Cut and NOT Cut in Fall + Fall care tips (click the PDF below)

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Custom Steel Plant Supports 

•  To hold up ‘flopping’ perennials – Dahlias, Peonies, Delphinium, etc

•  Designed after the style in the big botanical gardens in England

•  Made of thick solid steel & will rust to brown

•  Blends in with the garden yet beautiful when bare – leave up year round

Three Sizes:
Small:      $15  - Half circle.  18" diameter & 24" high  (no decorative ball, just a half circle)   
Medium:  $38 - Circular plant support.  Diameter 18" & legs 24" high with decorative balls.   
Large:      $48 - Circular plant support
.  Diameter 22" & legs 30" high with decorative balls. 

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steel plant support with pink dahlia.jpg
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