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Photos of the Garden & Nursery

I've always loved English-style gardens with lots of flowers, dense planting, and four seasons of color and interest.    Over the ten years we've had this garden, I've added thousands of blooming plants to the original design.


In the spring, 1000 daffodils and hundreds of other bulbs brighten the landscape.   In late spring, special early blooming perennials bring vibrant raspberry pink and purples with jupiter's beard, wallflower and many others.   Rhododendrons and azaleas follow these, then roses, delphiniums, iris, alliums, geranium, poppies and many of the rare 'specimen' plants.    Summer brings hummingbird mint, bee balm, yarrow, penstemon, cape fuchsia and my favorite - dahlias !    There are so so many more, too many to mention.    

Enjoy the photographic walk through the garden - more photos to come.   These favorites, lovingly researched over years of looking for the best and longest blooming perennials, are the ones I chose to propagate and sell in my nursery. 

dahlia bed agastache dahlia geranium tiger lily cropped.jpeg
RR FE pineapple lily hydrangea dahlia.jpeg
greenhouse front with flowers waterfall.jpeg
IMG_5642 bearded iris close up.jpeg
dahlia maarn in bed.jpeg
chickens with mondo grass purple hydrangea.jpeg
bromelia with tree frog.jpeg
butt bush orange roses trells hydrangea.jpg
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